Cloud Native News - CNN21
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Cloud Native News - CNN21

K8s v1.19 release cycle extended, RedHat + AWS launches managed OpenShift, Istio 1.6 better yet simpler, Grafana 7 supports tracing and boosts its UI/UX
Cloud Native News - CNN21

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  • Grafana 7
    The latest release comes with an optimized UX/UI, Tracing support for Jaeger, and support for AWS CloudWatch Logs. It now furthermore allows simple data transformations to get more out of your data and an advanced plugin platform.
  • Loki v1.5.0
    With its latest release, Loki removes its dependency on a separate index store like DynamoDB or Cassandra. It now allows you to run Loki with only an object store (S3, GCS, Filesystem, etc.)! Awesome achievement!
  • Cortex v1.1
    Cortex now supports the Prometheus /api/v1/metadata API and regular expression selectors with many chained OR cases, which Grafana likes to use.
  • Istio 1.6
    Continuous its path on increased simplicity and closed this transition now by removing separate deployments for Citadel, the sidecar injector, and Galley and replaces them by istiod.
  • GitLab released another round number with v13
    The new release brings Gitaly Clusters, Epic Hierarchy on Roadmaps, and Auto Deploy to ECS.
  • loginsrv
    Is a standalone minimalistic login service providing a JWT login for multiple login backends.

Photo by Екатерина Король on Unsplash

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