Cloud Native News - CNN36
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Cloud Native News - CNN36

About Side effects of Kubernetes CPU limits, graduating TiKV, EndpointSlices insights and Cloud Cost Optimization with HashiCrop Terraform
Cloud Native News - CNN36

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  • cert-manager reaches v1
    Three years after its first release, cert-manager finally hits 1.0. Being a "symbolic release", cert-manager officially claims to be production-ready with some commitment to a stable API and backward compatibility.
  • Building a Multi Cluster Authentication Portal
    This article explains how to use OpenUinson to enable (Multi) Cluster authentication to automate cluster authentication and onboarding.



  • A Guide to Cloud Cost Optimization with HashiCorp Terraform
    "Engineers are becoming the new cloud financial controllers as finance teams begin to lose some of their direct control over new fast-paced, on-demand infrastructure consumption models driven by the cloud. So the question becomes: What are the people, processes, and technologies I can use to navigate this sea change?"
  • Contrasting NATS with Apache Kafka
    Heard about NATS and think about the pros and cons to Kafka? This article is a good overview!

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