Cloud Native News - CNN37
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Cloud Native News - CNN37

About CNI Benchmarks and live migrations, enforcing Network Security Policies with OPA and Mult-Tenancy with Thanos Receiver.
Cloud Native News - CNN37

Cloud-Native Industry

Containers & Orchestration

  • Kubernetes YAML Generator
    An interesting concept of generating YAML for Pods, Deployments, and Statefulsets. I can imagine it does an excellent job of teaching about the manifests internals!
  • Performing a Live CNI Migration
    Changing the CNI of a running cluster, without any service interruption, is a non-trivial effort. Jetstack (popular for their famous cert-manager) wrote an article about how they switched from Canal to Cilium in a running cluster.
  • Kalm
    I haven't used Kalm on my own, but it looks like a pretty decent UI for creating and adjusting Kubernetes resources. I bet there is a market for this kind of tool, especially as it is Open Source.





  • Why do we hit a wall when introducing microservice architecture?
    "Understanding various technical issues and pitfalls of microservice architecture".
    "Creating a Kubernetes operator requires domain knowledge of abstraction and expertise in Kubernetes and Golang. With CRAFT, you can create operators without a dependent layer and in the language of your choice!"

Photo by Thomas Jensen on Unsplash

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