Cloud Native News - CNN21/11
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/11

Reverse engineering a Docker image, Signed Container Images, ArgoCD v2.0-rc.1 and cloud native CI/CD with Tekton
Cloud Native News - CNN21/11

CNCF Community & Industry

Containers & Orchestration

  • Reverse Engineering a Docker Image — The Art of Machinery
    Usually, you would use tools like dive to inspect Docker Images. However, this is nice to learn the details!
  • Cosign — Signed Container Images
    A nice and slim solution to a widespread problem. Great to experiment with, though the author doesn't recommend production use yet.
  • samuelkarp/runj
    Any FreeBSD heads reading here? :) runj is an experimental, proof-of-concept OCI-compatible runtime for FreeBSD jails.
  • Kubernetes Is Not Your Platform, It's Just the Foundation
    "Manuel Pais discusses how many organizations see Kubernetes as "the" platform, rather than just a technical foundation for a true internal platform. Successful Kubernetes adoption requires thinking about the platform as a product and establishing product-like team structures and interactions to reduce cognitive load on development and other stream teams. Metrics can help guide the journey."




Photo by Maxim Tolchinskiy on Unsplash

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