Cloud Native News - CNN21/25
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Cloud Native News - CNN21/25

About yaml alternative naml, a unified vulnerability schema for open source, runc in v1.0 and KubeEdge in an industrial big data center.
Cloud Native News - CNN21/25

CNCF Community & Industry


  • Writing a Controller for Pod Labels
    An operator is a set of custom resources and a set of controllers. A controller watches for changes to specific resources in the Kubernetes API and reacts by creating, updating, or deleting resources. Follow Arthur on how to write a controller to label Pods.
  • kris-nova/naml
    YAML oftentimes is considered as one of Kubernetes biggest pain points. While it certainly isn't perfect, it does its job for a couple of years. A job so far no other language was able to do better with a wide acceptance. Still, it is nice to see that novel approaches are challenging the status quo!
  • From Compose to Kubernetes with Okteto
    TIL: there is a way to get Docker-Compose-like experience on Kubernetes. It's called Okteto!


  • yogeshkk/K8sPurger
    A simple tool to hunt unused resources in Kubernetes, for some cluster a live safer...

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