What happened in the past weeks in the CNCF universe? We will give you the most recent updates, news and releases.

September was a quiet calm month. Except for the Kubernetes v1.16.0 release!

Kubernetes v1.16.0 - raise of the CRD

Finally its GA, the Custom Resource Definitions (CRD). Nearly 10 releases after the first introduction and a wide adoption in the community it moves to an official support. Together with the CRD Admission webhooks join the GA.

For everyone who needs some more persistence, the CSI support for resizing volumes moved to beta.

IPv4 and IPv6 can now run as dual-stack assigning both IP versions to pods and services.

Nearly sneaking into the room comes into Kubernetes the Startup Probe. This helps you especially with legacy apps which needs a little longer during startup phase. The Startup probe can be defined along the liveness and readiness checks. But other then a failing liveness probe the startup probe will give it another try before it maneuvers you into a deadlock.

    path: /healthz
    port: liveness-port
  failureThreshold: 1
  periodSeconds: 10

    path: /healthz
    port: liveness-port
  failureThreshold: 30
  periodSeconds: 10

In this case the startup probe will wait a maximum  300 seconds (10s*30), before handover to liveness probes.

The TOC give more voices to end-user and maintainer

The technical oversight committee (TOC) adds two new chairs to their round to give more voice to the end user community as well as the (not-sandbox) maintainer. The TOC is basically the heart of the CNCF community and defines its direction, projects and though leadership. (by the way in December are new elections for the TOC)

CNCF explains this move with this fabulous clip:

(Selected) Releases of the month

  • containerd v1.3.0: The new major release comes with a lot of work done. It supports now the Windows V2 runtime, solved the CVE-2019-16884 and add a couple of useful plugins like the stream processor plugin.
  • Thanos v.0.7.0: With the new release Thanos found a new home at https://github.com/thanos-io/thanos, be awere of that also the image found a new place under https://quay.io/thanos/thanos and mirrored at https://hub.docker.com/r/thanosio/thanos
  • Harbor v1.9.0: v1.9.0 brings us some new lights by tackling multi-tenancy. With the new tag retention you can easily manage the image life-cycle, the replication functionally got improved so you are now able to replicate in two way the registry to AWS, Azure, GCP and Alibaba. Furthermore, Harbor finally got webhooks, quotas and CVE exceptions.
  • jaeger v1.14.0: The jaeger guys were super busy this month and implemented many new features like the support for Elasticsearch 7, Grafana dashboard, Alert rules and most important breaking change: creating now ES index templates instead of indices.
  • linkerd2 edge-19.9.4: The edge releases of linkerd2 mostly implement new features and functions to let them try age before the went to stable. This time there is an interesting new function, the release the team implemented an experimental feature for distributed tracing.
  • NATS v2.1.0: Upgrades to Go v1.12.9, implemented the beta version of latency tracking of exported services and increase their code quality.
  • strimzi v0.14.0: A couple of weeks ago strimzi silently sneaked into the CNCF. Nevertheless we have it on record :) Strimzi added with v0.14.0 an initial support for OAuth, Jaeger tracing and the possibility to configure ingress classes.