Kuma, yet another Service Mesh?

Kuma is written in GO and build on top of the Envoy Proxy. Via CRD it integrated well with Kubernetes while for other virtualization systems it offers a RESTful API. It use L4/L7 traffic to secure, observe, route and enhance connectivity between any service or database.

Containous published a new service mesh MAESH

Now the containous family gets a new member, called maesh. Maesh implements the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) and is a non-invasive service mesh. So instead following the sidecar proxy pattern maesh runs in a dedicated pod which handles all the configuration...

Thanos released v0.7 and moves to CNCF

As announced earlier, Improbable donates Thanos to the CNCF. It got accepted as a Sandbox-Project which gives Thanos the opportunity to grow as an open-source project. Since it has first been announced at

in-toto joins CNCF Sandbox Projects (?!)

in-toto tackles the critical part of the software delivery process by protecting the integrity of the software supply chain. Now, in-toto got listed at the CNCF Sandbox Project page.

Strimzi joins the CNCF Sanbox Projects

Strimzi got listed at the CNCF Sandbox page. The request for presenting it at the technical oversight committee (TOC) of the CNCF has been closed a couple of months ago.

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