As announced earlier, Improbable donates Thanos to the CNCF. It got accepted as a Sandbox-Project which gives Thanos the opportunity to grow as an open-source project. Since it has first been announced at Prometheus London Meetup in January 2018, Thanos is now lead by a growing community that has formed around it.

Today version 0.7 has been released, supporting Prometheus' recently added streaming for remote read. According to the Changelog this "... massively improves memory required by single request for both Prometheus and sidecar.". Along with further improvements and bug fixes, the Thanos Store Gateway now allows specifying time ranges (time sharding) via min-time & max-time flags.

All this comes with some organizational change: the Thanos repository has been moved to Docker images moved to and mirrored at Also there are now #thanos/#thanos-dev / #thanos-prs Slack channels on CNCF Slack.